[Equest-users] Changing weather file in Detailed mode

Varkie C Thomas thomasv at iit.edu
Fri Jan 9 13:51:42 PST 2009

In detailed mode, the weather file appears under the first tab 'Project & Site', first sub-form 'Project Data', and section 'Building Location & Utility Rates'.  You will have to save the '.bin' weather file in the eQUEST 'Weather' sub-folder first.  Example: to switch from TMY2 Minneapolis to TMY2 Chicago replace TMY2\MINNEAMN with TMY2\CHICAGIL.  You will get a warning message regarding 'Site Properties' and be able to open this form and make the changes.  The '.bin' file should have the latitude & longitude (and maybe ground temps) and it could be left blank.  Solar-Daylighting & Terrain come with defaults

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> You can right click the pd2 file and open with a text editor. 
> Change the weather file path here also. 
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> All, 
> I'm running a comparative simulation where the building details 
> remain same but the location changes. Is there a way to change the 
> weather file in the detailed design mode? It didn't seem to work 
> when I changed the file path under the project tab in the 
> component tree. 
> Any input is appreciated. 
> Thanks, 
> Pallavi 
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