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See the descriptions below from the DOE-2 help menu. Looks like the
boiler sees the zone, but the zone doesn't see the boiler.




Accepts a code-word that specifies the location of the boiler:

OUTDOOR                     The boiler is located outdoors.

ZONE                            The boiler is located within a zone.
Note that the program does not model any zonal heat gain from the
boiler. See ZONE-NAME keyword.


Takes the U-name of the zone containing the heater when LOCATION = ZONE.
You must specify the zone; if not, LOCATION will default to OUTDOOR.
(Partially implemented; the program will use the zone temperature when
calculating the tank losses or the performance of a HEAT-PUMP water
heater, however these interactions do not have any effect on the zone
temperature. For heat-pump water heaters, this can result in serious



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Hello All,


Can anyone explain why after placing HVAC equipment such as a boiler in
a particular thermal zone that is unconditioned there are no visible
changes in space temperature while the equipment is operating. Does
eQUEST not see the boiler as an internal gain?


Thank You,


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