[Equest-users] Cycling Fans At night

Jacob Goodman jacobg at lseng.com
Thu Jul 2 13:02:37 PDT 2009

I have been using eQuest v3.63 for several energy models in the Design 
Development Wizard Mode. I noticed something strange when testing the 
effect of the "Cycle Fans at Night" pull down menu that happens across 
all the models I'm working on. It seems that the "No Fan Cycling" option 
causes the whole HVAC system to shut down when the building is 
unoccupied regardless of unoccupied thermostat settings. I saw this in 
the hourly report generated in excel by the detailed output report. This 
causes the building to use less energy than if the fans are set to 
cycle. Can anyone confirm or deny this problem or give any guidance on 
it's cause?

Also, when "Cycle Fans (no OA at night)" is selected the hourly report 
indicates the system behaves as expected.

Jacob Goodman , LEED AP, Green Building Specialist
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