[Equest-users] Model simplification & LEED

Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
Fri Jul 24 07:52:43 PDT 2009

Fellow eQuesters,
    I am modeling an office building with a few HVAC zones, each of which is
supplied through a VTU.  Within each zone are many walls which,
collectively, could require the rest of my life to model.  To model these
walls seems a bit more detail than physics justifies, since they generally
separate rooms within zones rather than the zones, themselves, and because
all of the building is intended to maintain the typical 75 degrees F
temperature and the air will, of course, circulate among nearby rooms.
    Can anyone tell me whether choosing to model only those walls that are
at the borders of HVAC zones will cause an objection by the LEED/USGBC
people who will be reviewing the building (and my model) for LEED
Lars Fetzek
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida
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