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Hi Cam,


Your warning helps. I aware the difficulty and will for sure advice the owner to invest more in good windows and frames. Thanks!


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Afraid I can’t exactly help, but I do have a warning.  Appendix G (assuming you are LEED-NC v2.2 or later) requires that the baseline building be modeled with no more than 40% vertical fenestration.  It is likely you will need more sophisticated strategies (chilled beam, for instance) to achieve the minimum 14% (2 points) cost savings.  It would seem crucial that the project invest in good windows, especially the frames!  Good luck …

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Could anyone kindly help me to make some sense about how to model fully variable frequency air-conditioning system? In this system, most of the components on the water side are fully variable, including chiller, pump and cooling tower. These components work together to make the system operate under "optimized" condition. This is gonna be a LEED project...The envelope is poor, full glass curtain. Lighting system does not have better energy performance compared with the Baseline either. Some "advanced techniques" must be figured out on HVAC side...
Any comments are appreciated. 
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