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In Wizard Mode, select DX Coils for cooling and Electric Resistance for
heating, then select, "Packaged Terminal AC with Elec Resist Heat".
Select "System per Zone" on the same screen. Then in DD Edit Mode,
change the HEAT-SOURCE to "Hot Water Loop" for each system.
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I'm sure someone has modeled ASHRAE system type 1 in Equest; I don't
know why it isn't set up to be more user friendly to the baseline
systems types.  When "hot water coils" is selected as the heating source
the system types are as follows:
1.	none
2.	packaged VAV with how water reheat
3.	packaged multizone with HW heat
4.	packaged DX parallel fan powered VAV with hot water reheat
5.	packaged DX series fan powered VAV with hot water reheat
None of these really apply to a PTAC system.  If your heating source is
set at elec resistance it gives you Packaged single zone dx with
electric heat as the system type.... Which is perfect.
I guess I'm going to go with "packaged multizone with HW heat" and try
to manipulate it to my system.
Any suggestions?
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