[Equest-users] Possible NOT to loose changes between DD Edit Modeand Wizard Data Edit Mode?

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The Wizard-to-DD-Edit transition is always a judgment call for any
eQUEST project. How much time do you spend in Wizard Mode before you go
to DD Edit with no turning back? If you find that you HAVE to go back to
Wizard Mode (such as for major floor plan or zone changes), make sure to
save a copy of the project (or at least the input (.inp) file) with a
different name. After making changes in the Wizard, you can copy from
the old DD Edit input file and paste into the new one. This is not too
difficult for something like a schedule change, where all the
information is in one continuous string of text in the input file.
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I am asking if there is some way to keep changes made in the component
tree during detailed data edit Mode after switching to Wizard Data edit
Mode. I made schedule changes with DD Edit Mode and then I needed to go
back and make changes in the Building Creation Wizard and lost the
schedule changes. This must cause alot of trouble for a lot of people.
It seems like there must be some way around this. 
Nathan Murray
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