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I had tried that and from all appearances there is a central heating coil. Yet, when I look at the SS-B output report it shows that all the heating is happening at the zone.

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If I understand your challenger here, I think you need to input
SYSTEM:HEAT-SET-T to simulate a central heating coil. This is needed in
any Single Duct/Multi-Zone system that does not require a CONTROL-ZONE.
(VAVS, PVAVS, RHFS, HVSYS, PIU, IU, etc.) You can get more information
in the DOE-2 help system that comes with eQUEST. See Volume 2/HVAC
Components/SYSTEM/Airside Control/Heating Availability and Supply
Temperature. I hope this helps!

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David Gabrielli wrote:
> I have a building that utilizes a variable volume, outside air unit
> with a HW coil to serve primary air to number of fan terminal units at
> the zone level. The FTUs also have a HW coil to provide reheat
> capabilities on a zonal level. Heating for the outside air unit and
> the FTUs is provided through a central HW boiler. There is no
> mechanical cooling. In eQuest I've tried modeling it as a powered
> induction unit, but I can't get it to offer central heating. I also
> tried the reheat fan system, but it is a constant volume system. I
> can't accurately model a variable volume, centrally heated system with
> zone reheat and fans. Any thoughts?
> Thanks.
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