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Eric O'Neill elo at MichaelsEngineering.com
Mon Mar 30 14:44:54 PDT 2009


I just noticed something which could prove useful, and was wondering if
anyone knows how to make it work. When you run a set of parametric runs,
on the second page of the  "Annual Building Summary" report there is a
column for incentives. In Wisconsin, Focus on Energy has an incentives
program for new construction. If your design saves at least 10% by cost,
your rebate is $125/kW saved, $0.04/kwh saved, and $0.40/therm. Save 20%
by cost, your rebate is $160/kW saved, $0.05/kwh saved, and $0.50/therm,

Is there some way to get this working in eQuest, or is that column only
a part of a compliance analysis like T24? 

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