[Equest-users] SS-J Report - Supply Air Peak Flow and SQFT/TON

Imran Ebrahim ebrahim at marbek.ca
Thu Oct 1 11:12:02 PDT 2009

Greetings All,


I am a bit confused as to how the numbers of the supply air peak flow
and sqft/ton numbers are being generated in the SS-J report.


When I specify a 1CFM/sqft minimum air flow in eQUEST my SS-J report
reads a number of 0.58 CFM/sqft. 


Secondly, I size the cooling of the building to 400sqft/ton. Once again,
the SS-J report reads a number close to 1000sqft/ton.


Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.




Imran Ebrahim



Imran Ebrahim, LEED(r)  AP

Energy Management Consultant

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