[Equest-users] DHW bug in DD Wizard?

Mike Diess mike.diess at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 09:06:15 PDT 2009

to eQUEST programmers:
Have I encountered a bug in the DHW table of the DD wizard?
Multi-family building, Building Shell : in Activity Area table input Laundry
area % & assign to floor(s), in Non HVAC Enduses table select "Model DHW
equipt. w/ seasonal profiles"
After this input the DHW tab is active in the project navigator table.
I now run EEM Wizard using Whole site/Building, making no changes to the
above inputs and find the DHW tab has been greyed out, in the EEM wizard &
also in the DD wizard!
Is there an explanation for this?

Mike Diess, PE, LEED AP
LNI Consulting Engineering
mike.diess at gmail.com
cell: 720-427-7954   fax: 608-646-1063
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