[Equest-users] Huge PV array... can't model enough panels

Heather.Hardie-Hill at CH2M.com Heather.Hardie-Hill at CH2M.com
Tue Oct 6 16:16:50 PDT 2009

I'm trying to model a PV array on a gigantic roof.

According to the criteria for MODULES-SERIES I should calculate the number of panels in my array by diving the max tracking voltage for the inverter by the max power voltage per panel
(in my case this is 600/78.3 = 7.66 = 7)

Additionally the criteria for MODULES-PARALLEL says that I should multiply the inverter capacity by the number of inverters, divided by the module capacity at the maximum power point, divided again by the number of modules in series.
(in my case this is (500kW*4)/(78.3V*2.55A/1000W/kW)/7 = 1430.9 = 1430) Unfortunately I cannot enter anything above 1000... any suggestions?


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