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    below are answers to a few of your questions...

Occupancy Heat Rate: Can be found under the Internal Loads tab. Double click on the space and at the bottom right hand corner of the Basic Specs tabs there is Occupancy Information. Alternatively you can go to the Internal Loads tab... then the spread sheet tab... then select Occupancy from the drop down list.

Humidity: As far as I know you cannot specify different humidity's for the same system within the wizard. The humidity control is located under the Air-Side HVAC tab... double click on a system (not a zone) and at the bottom right there is an area with Humidity Control information. You can also select the Air-Side HVAC tab... then the spreadsheet tab... then select Humidity Control from the drop down.

Air Change Rates: are located under the Air-Side HVAC tab... then the Air-Flow tab. There are a few different ways of defining your minimum airflow... I suggest reading the help file on each entry.

Outside Air per Person: is located under the Air-Side HVAC tab. Double click on the space and on the right side of the Basic Specifications tab is Zone Design Flow Rates with an entry for OA Flow/Person. Alternatively you can go to the Air-Side HVAC tab... then the spreadsheet tab... and there is a column for OA Flow/ Person (cfm)

I'm not sure about the rest... good luck!

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I was given a list of variables to find out if eQUEST's wizard input allows for them, and I was able to whittle down the list considerably.  However, I'm left with about a dozen left on my list that I wasn't able to match up one to one inside of the wizard.  Although these may be things that can be set in the detail data edit mode (inp), we're looking specifically at specifying values through the wizard (pd2).  I may have overlooked some of these while perusing the wizard, or they may be labeled something else that didn't make them an obvious one to one (I'm not an ME, so please forgive me on that one).  Any help with identifying whether the following values can be set through the wizard would be greatly appreciated.

Occupancy Heat Rate - Assumed average heat emitted by each person occupying the space (W/person)

Inside Relative Humidity Heating

Inside Relative Humidity Cooling

Ventilation type - enumerated value of natural, mechanical ventilation, mixed mode ventilation

Natural Air Change Rate - rate air is replaced by natural ventilation

Mechanical Air Change Rate - rate air is replaced by mechanical ventilation

Outside Air Per person - volume of outside air provided for each person

Peak Air Flow Cooling - air flow rate during peak cooling conditions

Peak Air Flow Heating - air flow rate during peak heating conditions

Thanks for any help.

-- Jon

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