[Equest-users] Baseboard capacity

Christopher Jones cj at enersave.ca
Wed Jan 27 06:53:53 PST 2010

I am attempting to size the baseboards in my project.  All zones have 
baseboards.  The systems are VAVS with cooling control set to zone reset.

First I enter a very large number for baseboard capacity 
-999,999.  Then I check the SS-F reports to determine the maximum 
baseboard load.  Then I enter a value 10% higher then that 
maximum.  The next run, the maximum baseboard loads are significantly 
lower than the first run and lower than the capacity entered into 
equest and there are a number of underheated hours.  There were no 
underheated hours in the run with all baseboards set at -999,999.  My 
question is why does equest report the maximum baseboard load as 
lower than the input capacity of the baseboards.  I would have 
thought that the maximum baseboard load would equal the input 
baseboard capacity if that capacity is required to get rid of 
underheated hours.

For example, one zone - with capacity at -999,999 the maximum load 
reported in SS-F is -35,678 and no underheated hours.  So I enter 
-40,000 as the capacity.  Next run the maximum baseboard load is 
reported as -28,436 and there are a number of underheated hours.

Any insights greatly appreciated.

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