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Anthony Hardman Anthony at geoenergyservices.com
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eQuest is great because you can do loads and GHX design in one step (unlike
GLD).  And you're able simulate both vertical and horizontal loops.


GLHE-Pro <http://tristate.apogee.net/geo/gdfrsgl.asp>  is for vertical loops


Polysun <http://www.velasolaris.com/vs2/index.php?article_id=9&clang=1>
seems to have the most features
<http://www.velasolaris.com/vs2/files/key_features_new_ps_hp_1.pdf>  and may
have the unique distinction of being the only software that can directly
model hybrid (geothermal-solar thermal) systems.  Definitely worth
investigating if your company is willing to pony up the $1200 (minimum) for
the software.


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I am looking for some software recommendations.  

Has anyone had any experience with geothermal well design?  

Currently I am playing around with GLD 2009 but I would like to know what
options are out there.




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