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If I understand you correctly, you want a system that heats and cools outside air separately from the roon heaing and cooling.

I used to play this game with hotel guest rooms, with a separate tempering outside unit feeding the guest rooms.

TRY a 4 pipe induction system. If the DOE-2.2 holds to the DOE-2.1E tenets, then there should be two set of coils.

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Since my last post I discovered the following in the help:


Fan Coil (FC)
Fan Coil Units are either 4-pipe or 2-pipe. The 4-pipe units usually have
two coils (one heating and one cooling), but may have one dual purpose
coil. The units modulate the flow of water to the coil(s); this is a
variable air temperature system. Outside air for fan coil systems is
usually introduced by a separate ventilation system; however, outside air
may be introduced directly into the fan coil unit. Note that the program
does not simulate a separate ventilation system; all outside air is drawn
through the fan coil.


So what I am looking for is the separate ventilation system that DOE does
not provide. Since heating and cooling is accomplished in that separate
ventilation system as well, I cannot simply ignore it. Any suggestions on
how to add this?


Omer Moltay, LEED AP
Mimta Ltd.

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