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Jonathan Curtin jcurtin at WylieAssociates.com
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To the best of my knowledge, when you change the starting date/year in
eQUEST, the only thing you are changing is the day of the week that
applies to the first day of the TMY data. For example, 2010 begins on a
Fri, which sets the number of weekdays and weekends you have in each
month/year (i.e. you'll have 10 combined weekend days in Jan, rather
than only 8 if this month would have started on a Mon (year 20XX). If
your building is unoccupied on the weekend, you'll clearly use less
energy in Jan 2010 than you would in year 20XX.
The weather conditions used to simulate that first day in both cases
will always be the same (set by the TMY data file) regardless of the
start year that is specified . If you are comparing simulation runs for
two different years I've found that this generally will have a greater
impact on monthly consumption differences, but overall annual
consumption should still be in the ballpark.
If you want to test this, you can set 24/7/365 schedules that do not
change between weekday/weekend/holidays and I bet there will be no
impact of the start year on consumption (with the exception of how
eQUEST handles of Leap Years).
I hope this helps.

  Jonathan M. Curtin, EIT, LEED(r) AP
  Mechanical Engineer




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Does anyone know where the weather data for eQuest comes from?  Why I
ask is because many energy modeling applications have requirements on
the type of weather data used for simulation.  What I've noticed is that
if you change the "Run Period" in eQuest (see screen shot below as found
on the "Project & Site" tab in detailed edit mode under "Simulation
Options: Entire Year"), the energy use also changes.  I also found that
if you set the run period to span over multiple years, the output (even
with units per year) adds all of the years together.  Is eQuest not
using a TMY, TMY2 or TMY3 file to create its .BIN files?  If so, why
would the year even matter since you usually want to be using typical
weather data?  Do those years actually correspond to actual data?




My second question (relating to this) is how to use DOEWth to convert
TMY2 files to .BIN files?  Is this the only way to do this?  




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