[Equest-users] Suspended Ceiling Tiles as Insulation?

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If the air gap is not being used as a ceiling plenum then I think you
could justify adding the air gap and ceiling panels to your roof
construction layers. I doubt it will affect the energy performance much.
You could create a new roof construction and compare the two with
parametric runs to find out.


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Dear All,

In the building that I am modelling, corrugated metal roof is insulated
from below with glasswool. Below the glasswool, Armstrong rockwool
panels are suspended with a small gap (20-30 cm.). All ducts, pipes and
HVAC equipment are located below the suspended ceiling. Do you think the
ceiling panels can be considered extra insulation and be taken into
account when calculating the U-value of the roof construction? What
the air gap in between?


Omer Moltay, LEED AP
Mimta Ltd.

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