[Equest-users] File Format Error related to 'ZoneNamingScheme'

Adam Barker ABarker at pemi.com
Thu Dec 22 09:49:37 PST 2011

Hello users,

I am having trouble opening several created and fully functional eQuest files due to a 'file format error' stopping the pd2 file from loading. I've searched for the error by line # in a text editor and it is always related to "zonenamingscheme' which is often 'user defined' or '-automatic-'.

Note, I can get around this by opening the .inp file and reloading the weather file, but I am hoping there is something I can do to avoid this (especailly when reviewing other firms files, where I usually get a similar problem)

I'm using version 3-63 on windows 7 and recently 'inhereted' these files from a coworker who was using XP. Switching to compatability mode does not seem to work. Deleting the 'zonenamingscheme" line seems to remove some critical information for the file to work properly as well.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is 'zonenamingscheme' a command unique to an older version perhaps?

I also tried to compare the old .pd2 to the new .pd2 (after reloading the .inp and weather file) to see what the new 'zonenamingscheme' would be, and was surprised to see there is far less information in the new pd2 (approx 50 lines of text vs thousands), so they are uncomparable. I'm fairly puzzled as to why this is and also wonder if it has to do with the version. Any help is appreciated!


Adam Barker
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