[Equest-users] Chiller number and size of the ASHRAE 90.1

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Mon Dec 12 06:38:48 PST 2011

If it is only used to cool the process, and not cool the space that the
process is in (ie a data rack room that has a cooling system) then you
should use the as designed efficiency.  You may want to separate the
pumping energy, if any, as well by creating a second chilled water loop.
 If you are cooling a space that happens to have a high heat load due to
the functioning equipment, you may be able to take credit for an efficient
design.  Its a dance that for LEED may need to be very carefully thought

Hope this helps, and I hope others agree with me.

2011/12/12 Esmireta <e2fye2 at 163.com>

> Dear all,
> According to the Table G3.1.3.7 of the ASHRAE90.1, the number and type of
> chillers could be determined. But I encountered a project of a industry
> factory, in which the industry process need a lot of cooling. I notice the
> Table G3.1.3.7 is for "Building Peak Cooling Load", I take it as the
> industry cooling will not be included in the Building Peak Cooling Load, is
> it correct? If so, is there any efficiency, number or type requirement of
> the industry chiller? Can I exclude the industry cooling energy in the
> building energy simulation?
> Thanks!
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