[Equest-users] VRF/VRV Modeling

Hector Lamprea hector.lamprea at fundyeng.com
Tue Nov 8 05:40:17 PST 2011

How do you insert the code in Equest?

Hector Lampra, P. Eng, LEED AP, CEM

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Hi everybody!

We have few experience using eQuest and now we're trying to simulate a VRF system.

As we all know VRF can't be modelled directly through eQuest.  We have just found a document, produced by Energysoft (Energypro), on how modeling VRF systems in DOE-2,  detailing the Fortran language behind the process.

So I copy/paste the language in "Usrlib.dat" and it apparently worked out, but I could not simulate yet because components and efficiency curves are not set properly though.

Does anybody knows if it might work??? Or I'm completely wrong?

The document is available at http://www.energysoft.com/ep/VRF%20Application.pdf

Best regards
Gustavo Moraga
Sustentativa - Eficiência na Edificação

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