[Equest-users] Toilet Exhaust

Omar Katanani omar at ecoconsulting.net
Thu Oct 6 08:14:36 PDT 2011

Dear all,


I would like to double check with you if I'm modeling my toilet exhaust
correctly, in order to answer the USGBC's design review comments


*       The project has exhaust fans on the roof, with ducts to each
toilet (i.e., ducted exhaust). 

*       Since the toilets are not conditioned, I'm placing them
arbitrarily under random AHUs. 

*       I am then entering the exhaust flow rate and the kW per flow as
in the attached screenshot.


1.       Can someone please confirm that the above is correct?

2.       I assume ASHRAE 90.1 App G3.1.2.9 (baseline fan power
corrections) applies for toilet exhausts. I think I'll have to use the
correction factors for the 

      "Fully ducted return and/or exhaust air systems" (125 Pa). I'll
plug in the resultant kW/cfm in the input box in the attached drawing.


Many thanks,



Omar Katanani
Sustainable Design Engineer

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