[Equest-users] Reg: Unable to go to Wizard mode after creating pd2 file from inp file

Sivakumar, Sudheera Sudheera.Sivakumar at stantec.com
Mon Oct 17 17:49:44 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone
I am working on a 6 story building with custom footprint for each floor. I have created the 1st floor by importing the CAD file into equest and tracing it over. Once completed with 1st floor I proceeded with the 2nd floor , as a new shell and gave the custom coordinates for the 2nd floor as x= 0 , y=0 and z =16 (ceiling ht). So , once I traced the custom footprint, I clicked done, and my equest software stopped working. And I was not able to open the project anymore.
Sad thing, I forgot to make a backup  of this file. So, I went to the inp file ( made couple of copies of the folder this time) and removed any reference to the 2nd flr and saved it.
Then, went to equest software and opened the modified inp file. Thus saving my first floor custom footprint and custom windows etc.
Now, I am trying to go back to wizard mode , and the following message comes up

" Only Projects that were originally generated from the wizard inputs allow re-entry into the building create wizard"

I still need to create 5 more floors for this project.
Can anyone suggest what I can do, so that I can still use my first floor information. Any information on my 2nd floor shell placement on top of first floor, will be of great help.
Any help and thoughts are greatly appreciated. I am attaching the modified inp file.

Thank you
Sudheera Sivakumar,
Mechanical Engineer

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