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While I agree that shading devices can be simplified as anything else in energy modeling, one should be careful to the extent this is applied.  For example, I have had to simplify multiple shading devices to a single shade when doing load calculations in Trace.  I think there were five 8" devices projecting from the façade over a single storey and I combined them to one 0.75m shading projection.  It would be fine for schematic.  A LEED or EO111 submission would most likely have the correct shading config.


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Taking Kevin's 2nd suggestion a bit further:

For a regular/repeating pattern as you're describing, the shading effects could quickly be approximated with a single building shade of a specified transmittance to reflect the mullions' coverage.  There'd be a corresponding single glazing, with no frame and thermal properties defined to match the system as a whole.

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You could create one window and then make the other windows "like" the first window using link-to existing.  The window to reference will need to come before all other windows referencing it...

Or, this sounds like it might be curtain wall glazing.  If so, you should be able to model a single window and create external shading devices to match the design.  You will have to adjust coordinates to move the device close to the building façade.


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Looking for a shortcut here-

I've got a building with lots of glazing, and for a typical 12'high by 24'long wall, there is a shading grid device with horizontal and vertical mullions at 2'spacing (both horiz and vert). Is there an easier way to model this than doing a series of 2'x2' windows ?

Is it possible to attach a shading grid to a building face?


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