[Equest-users] Using global parameters to streamline modeling

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I don't import global parameters from an input file, but I use them a lot for parametric runs. It just makes it easier when setting up the parametric run to change the value of a global parameter instead of searching through the various lists trying to find the name of value to be changed. That searching can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially for people who are new to the program. If a model does not use parametric runs (like separate files for baseline and proposed), then I don't think global parameters would be very useful.

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Does anyone use pre-defined global parameters in an input file that they import, as a way to streamline the modeling process?

I already have ASHRAE schedules and building constructions in an input file that I import, but I never use global parameters.
I make most of my universal changes by using User-Defined Default Values. Am I missing a big opportunity to speed up the modeling process?


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