[Equest-users] U-Value unexpected impact

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Now I decrease the U-value, and trace the components, what happens is that the maximum load (LS-D) tends to decrease, as well as the Building HVAC load (SS-D) tends to decrease as well, which is the normal thing. the abnormal thing is that the space cooling energy use, on the (PS-F) dramatically increase, by decreasing the U-value. I would be so grateful if anyone could help me with a reasonable explanation for that.
Omar AlRawiProject Engineer,EA Sustainable Building Consultants

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Thanks so much,I do appreciate your reply ,, I shall re-check internal loads, guess I have excessive lighting loads. 

Omar AlRawiProject Engineer,EA Sustainable Building Consultants

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Hi Omar,
Another thing to check is that you are modeling a glass with a low-Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Low SHGC glasses and glass-units are best for situations where there is no need for passive heating (hot climates and internal load-dominated
You can still maintain high VT (>0.5) with low SHGC (<0.3), so it doesn't need to sacrifice aesthetics and daylighting options.
Great point on the internal loads Chris.

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In mild weather, with high internal heat gains, the losses through the glazing reduce the cooling load. In this situation, increasing the performance of the glass will cause increased energy consumption. 

This counterintuitive result is often the result of an overestimation of internal heat gains.   You should perform a reality check on your internal heat gains, before you determine if this result is correct. 


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Subject: [Equest-users] U-Value unexpected impact

    I'am modelling a mid-rise, curtain wall, office building in Egypt (hot humid climate 2a). while I do decrease the glazing's U-value, below 0.5, the energy consumption tends to increase. does this
 issue have a reality related explanation, is it a problem in my file, or is it a software bug issue? 

Thanks for consideration,

Omar AlRawi

Project Engineer ,  EA Sustainable Building Consultants


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