[Equest-users] Full Heat Recovery and low-e ceiling in an Ice Rink

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Hi Justin,
The effectiveness of the low-e ceiling depends on the length of your
ice-making season (low-e is, of course, more effective in the summer) and on
the insulation level in the roof.
Adding a low-e ceiling reduces the load on the plant, so you get the same
savings regardless of whether there is heat recovery.  If you add heat
recovery in a building with a low-e ceiling it stretches out the heat
recovery payback. 


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Happy Friday, 


I have an energy model of a community center constructed in EQUEST. The
community center has an ice rink incorporated into it which contains a low-e
ceiling as

well as full heat recovery. We were playing around with some combinations of
having a low-e ceiling in our model and as it turns out, there is not much

between having a low-e ceiling and not having one (about $1,000 a year in
savings with the low-e) in our model. 


Has anyone else played around with this and noticed it as well? We are
suspecting that you cannot gain much savings through the use of low-e when
full heat 

recovery is present. Can anyone confirm this or give any comments? 


Thank you,



  Justin Elkin, LEEDR Green Associate

  Mechanical Engineer-In-Training

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