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Chen, Ke-Huang kehuang.chen at siemens.com
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Hi Fred,
Thanks for your information.
I also have a question about the schedule of medical equipments. Since
it is only used when there is a patient, how do you schedule the medical
Is there any way I can schedule the medical equipments separately?
Many thanks for your any help.
Best regards,
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I do a lot of LEED modeling in health care. You should be seeing between
20% and 35% for the electrical process load. 


If you have a lot of large equipment; CT's, MRI's, etc. then you'll be
closer to the 35%. If you have a small clinic or medical office building
that shares equipment between locations, then you'll be closer to 20%. 


Another consideration is that your large equipment might be water
cooled. If that's the case, you should put about 10-15% of the electric
load in the space, and then 85-90% of the load as an external load
similar to exterior lights. Make sure to put an equivalent cooling load
on you chilled water loop as a process load. 


Hope that helps,




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Hi Chen,
  I don't do much medical work or LEED but the medical equipment should
be modelled like a process load and have it's own schedule you can
manipulate.  60% sounds like a lot.  With it's own schedule you can
change it to reflect its actual loads and locations in the building.
Process loads, like industrial loads don't effect LEED.  But they do
effect the sizing of your HVAC equipment.  So you do have to model them
realistically.  You could put them on their own sub meter as well.  This
might make separating from the LEED parts of your project simpler.  LEED
or not, your building has to work well.  That is your primary focus.
60% is a big effect, make sure it is realistic and make sure your
systems can handle it.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.
Abode Engineering

On 23/10/2011 4:35 AM, Chen, Ke-Huang wrote: 

Dear eQUEST users,


I am trying to build a LEED Health Care model and have a question about
the electric of medical equipments. After I modeled the equipments, the
electric consumption of Misc. Equip. is about 60% of total electric but
the medical equipments are not used very frequently. Do I have to add
the medical equipments to the model or where can I plan a schedule for
the medical equipments? Did anyone have the experience of modeling a
LEED Health Care model? It's my first time building a Health Care model,
is there anything I need to look over ? Any suggestion will be


Best regards,



KeHuang Chen

System Engineer

IBT Division

Siemens Limited Taiwan


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