[Equest-users] Switchable glazing based on two criteria

Adam Michael Aljets adama at uw.edu
Tue Apr 10 14:37:42 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm having difficulty implementing glazing that switches based on both
direct solar incident and temperature. That is, I only want to allow
switching when the outside dry bulb is over 60 F, and I want the switch to
occur instantaneously when the glazing receives 15.9 BTU/hft^2 direct solar
incident radiation. I don't have experience with user expressions/if
statements in eQUEST. I've been successful in implementing switchable
glazing based only on temperature or only on direct solar incident, but not
on both.

I tried something along the lines of this for the window in *.inp, but
without success:

   SWITCH-CONTROL   = ({if (#G("DRY-BULB TEMP")>60)
   GLASS-TYPE-SW    = "ECW-switched"
    then "DIR-SOL-INC"
else "NO-SWITCH"
   SWITCH-SET-LO    = 15.9
   SWITCH-SET-HI    = 15.9

Thanks in advance,

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