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Yusuf Turab yusuf at ytenterprises.com
Wed Apr 11 11:30:07 PDT 2012

Thank you. I guess I have someway to go before I have system sizing and
unmet hours fully figured out. One more question:

   - If I want to create multiple buildings of similar type, built up area
   and construction but different conditioned spaces, interior layouts and
   orientations. Can I simply make a copy of the old pd2 file and simply
   change the footprint zone and orientation in the new file? I tried to do
   this but I cannot see the 3D model of the new building.

Does this mean every model has to be created from scratch?

Many Thanks


On 11 April 2012 19:03, Bruce Easterbrook <bruce5 at bellnet.ca> wrote:

>  Auto sizing is to ball park your system.  There is no computer program
> which with the press of a button will design your building for you.  You
> have unmet hours because you have conflicts in your design. You now have to
> identify the conflicts and resolve them.  eQuest works by prioritizing the
> cooling system, hence when you have conflicts they show up mostly as
> unheated hours.  eQuest has a low default on airflow, 0.5 cfm/SF, this many
> times is a good place to start.  Depending on where you are 0.75 or 1.0
> could work better.  You can also vary the flow to different zones
> independently.  You can't put 0.5 cfm into 20 spaces from the same AHU and
> expect the heating and cooling needs of each space to be met 100% of the
> time.  Get into your sim file and figure out where the spaces are with
> large unmet hours, figure out why and start adjusting the inputs to reduce
> them.
> There is no point to average the 4 orientations, nor is it allowed, just
> LEED mumbo jumbo.  It just illustrates how the orientation of your building
> effects the energy consumption to run it.  Most modellers get a building, a
> street, a front and back with no option on orientation.  That is your base
> case.  It can be handy to illustrate design flaws if there is a large
> difference in energy consumption in different directions.  Just don't call
> it that when you are telling the architect a 20 story atrium is not a great
> idea on the north side of a building. lol.
> Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.
> Abode Engineering
> On 10/04/2012 02:53 PM, Yusuf Turab wrote:
> Hello Group
>    - Why do I get unmet hours even when I select the auto size option in
>    the HVAC system? What is the point of auto sizing?
>     - Is there a way to simulate all 4 orientations and get an average
>    result for the base case?
> Thanks
>  Yusuf Turab
> IGBC Accredited Professional, LEED Green Associate & GRIHA Trainer
> Y T Enterprises
> 18 A, Hamsa Layout ¦ R.S Puram ¦ Coimbatore - 641002
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> On 10 April 2012 00:54, Yusuf Turab <yusuf at ytenterprises.com> wrote:
>> Hello Group
>>              I have just started working on my first energy modeling
>> project. I have two questions:
>>    - How do I model roof reflectivity. I want to model a roof of 4 inch
>>    concrete with 1 inch stucco at the bottom and top and cover the roof with
>>    cool roof tiles. I am not sure how I can account for the energy efficiency
>>    gains compared to base case through a high SRI roof.
>>    - I am trying to model a large gated community with 330 villas and 7
>>    other common buildings. As someone suggested on this group I am modeling
>>    each building type separately and using excel to come up with a total
>>    energy usage. But I am not sure how to model the street lighting and
>>    landscape lighting at the exteriors. We plan to use solar street lights and
>>    I want to demonstrate the savings through use of solar energy.
>> Many Thanks
>> Yusuf Turab
>> On 10 April 2012 00:32, nirupama lakshminarasimhan <
>> nirupamalnarasimhan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I am modeling a big public school with a lot of systems and custom
>>> windows. The equest file we have right now is taking too long to load. I've
>>> tried opening it from different locations- the default equest project
>>> folder on C: , the public server, external HDD, etc. It is just too slow in
>>> "importing project data" when it opens. The last time this happened, it was
>>> taking too long to load the BDL file and I ended up deleting a host of
>>> systems and starting from scratch. All my files- the .inp, .pd2, etc are in
>>> the same path. I just cannot get it to work faster. I'm trying to calibrate
>>> the model and it is an awfully long wait for each simulation. Does someone
>>> have any thoughts on how I could get this to work faster?
>>> Thank you.
>>> Nirupama
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