[Equest-users] Heating in Summer

Eric O'Neill ELO at MichaelsEnergy.com
Mon Apr 16 06:37:29 PDT 2012

Hi Ben,


In this case, it looks like the usual suspect: reheat. If you shut off your dehumidification limit of 50%, it eliminates the summer heating issue. 


Also, I don’t know how much control you have over your economizer settings, but if you haven’t read this article <http://www.taylor-engineering.com/downloads/articles/ASHRAE%20Journal%20-%20Economizer%20High%20Limit%20Devices%20and%20Why%20Enthalpy%20Economizers%20Don't%20Work%20-%20Taylor%20&%20Cheng.pdf> , I’d strongly suggest it. As an interesting aside – that author’s comments on RH sensor reliability matches well with what I’ve found on a recent project. Here’s a little data I’ve gathered from a college campus. I harvested 24hr trend data from all the buildings that were measuring OA humidity (y-axis in %). The fat blue line is what I got from the National Weather Service for the area and each other line represents a building’s OA humidity sensor. I think in total these sensors control at least 25 AHU’s enthalpy economizers. From what I can tell, they don’t have a regular PM routine for calibrating/replacing these sensors. Just something to consider…




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Hello Everyone!


Here's a puzzle for the email group.  (I hope you're having a better

weekend than me!)

I've searched the archived emails to find a solution, but most seem to ask

for the PD2 and INP file so that makes me think that the solutions will

mostly be unique.

I'm attaching a zip file of my model.


I have packaged single zone units with electric resistence heat.  I'm

seeing a significant load in the summer on all units.  I've dropped the

thermostat in the summer months on the heating and am still getting a

load. Any ideas on why there would be a load?




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