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Varkie C Thomas thomasv at iit.edu
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See - http://bepan.info/engg-calcs  Excel File - 16 - Project Space-Temp-Rise
The DOE2 programs do not have a Space or Room level below the Zone level. Zone is a group of rooms controlled by a thermostat in one of the rooms. The temp of the room with the thermostat is maintained and the temps of the other rooms float. A Loads program should show the temps in the rooms that have no thermostat. The SOM-IBM-AES loads program developed in the late 1980s (and died in the early 1990s) did have this feature.  See - http://bepan.info/hvac-prog/x2-som-ibm-aes-hvac
I think the TRACE program has a room level but I am not sure it calculates the temp in the rooms without a thermostat.  If it does, then provide no HVAC to a room without a thermostat to get the resulting temp.  But then such rooms would have windows open in summer.
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to model a building with no heating and cooling system to see how the interior temperature fluctuates based on exterior weather conditions during the summer. Does anyone know if eQuest looks at space temperature when the heating/cooling systems are not on? So far I've only been able to track solar radiation on the building facade....

Thank you!

Ekaterina Tzekova
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