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Dear Sambhav,

You have specified Duct losses without a *DUCT-LOSS-ZONE*. Find revised
file as an attachment.


Fraction of the supply air that is lost from the ductwork, thereby reducing
the design supply air at the zones. Air lost from the ductwork will change
the temperature of the zone specified by DUCT-ZONE, which must be a plenum
or unconditioned space.

If the DUCT-ZONE is a plenum, then the duct air loss changes the
temperature of the return air entering the plenum. If the DUCT-ZONE is an
unconditioned space the duct air loss acts to change the temperature of the
zone. The program does not currently simulate duct losses to conditioned

             Duct losses are specified without a DUCT-LOSS-ZONE;
             No plenum exists for default duct losses.

I hope some senior HVAC/Modeling consultant can shed some light on this.


On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM, sambhav tiwari
<tiwari.sambhav at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi All,
>           I was done with model and was simulating it ,in between
> simulation i am having  program run terminated due to error but when i
> checked the building description it is showing no error neither while
> opening the pd2 file any error is coming then what can be the reason.
> Only it shown  when the run terminated" standard file writing" error
> but i dont know what is that.
> please if someone can respond its very urgent. attached the file also
> Thanks
> Sambhav
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