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ASHRAE 90.1-2007 is not a guideline, it is a baseline.

You will model the actual building as designed and model the same building but using the information in ASHRAE 90.1 to establish a baseline.  Example, the actual building uses R-40 insulation in the roof but in the baseline has an R-18 (the baseline R-values depend on climate zone and must be looked up in ASHRAE)  You will also use ASHRAE to find the baseline window U-values, equipment efficiencies, fan power, lighting loads, etc.

There are a lot of things not specified in ASHRAE which will need to be determined.  The thermostat set points, the occupancy schedule, the infiltration rate.....  

Once you have the actual building modeled and the baseline building modeled you compare the 2 and see how great your building is.

Good luck, there are many people here that are willing to help you....  But not me, I'm going on vacation for 5 days!

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I want to model a Leed Gold medium-sized office building and simulate it to get annual, monthly and daily electricity consumption profiles. I plan on using eQuest software for this purpose. How do I start about modeling the Leed Gold building? I hear that ASHRAE 90.1.2007 can serve as a guideline. eQuest software requires various building parameters as input, would this document be helpful or any other? 
Please advise.


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