[Equest-users] Cogen heat recovery for dhw

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Do you have a seperate DHW loop set up?  If so, this is your problem.  Heat recovery from either jacket or exhaust can only go to a single loop each.  If you are proposing to implement cogen then you want to put DHW loads on the heating loop as a process load with and appropriate schedule.  This way you can assign the heat recovery to a single loop for simple modeling.

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Subject: [Equest-users] Cogen heat recovery for dhw
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I am working on a project in which the heat recovered from the CHP equipment (1,416 kBtu/h) is able to meet the entire service water loop load (1,384.7 kBtu/h). Both the DHW and CHP run 24 hours a day. The building is both residential and commercial.

Net hourly loop load, including thermal losses and pump heat = Recovered heat or free cooling heat applied to this loop ... this is true for all hours in the hourly report.

However, there is still a consistent small natural gas load for the domestic hot water. It is flat for all hours of the day. What is this energy use going to? Standby losses?

I am thinking that it is a minimum energy use of the equipment if the equipment is operating. What is the minimum part load ratio for a gas fired storage service water heater? Where can I find the inputs/ outputs to confirm this?



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