[Equest-users] Preheat Coil Pump

Rob Hudson rdh4176 at gmail.com
Wed May 2 08:36:39 PDT 2012

I am trying to model accurately the pumping power for a primary/secondary
hot water loop.  I have my boilers, boiler pumps and secondary loop pumps
all set, placed everything on a single Hot Water Loop.  In reality, i have
a third "loop" that is the preheat coil pump to recirc water in the preheat
coil.  This pump is small, but i want to account for it.  Should i add it
into the secondary loop pump power or should i create a secondary loop and
attach it to my Hot Water Loop and then assign the correct coil to that and
put my preheat coil pump on that loop?  I would have to do this for 8 air
handler preheat coils, and feel this could get messy.

Any thoughts?

Rob Hudson
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