[Equest-users] Short survey: simulating plug load energy use

Gwen Fuertes gwendolyn.fuertes at gmail.com
Thu May 17 16:20:01 PDT 2012

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I am conducting a research study regarding simulated
plug/process/receptacle load use in commercial buildings, and am inviting
feedback from energy modelers regarding their assumptions for plug load
energy use via a brief (9-question) survey here:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G3GQZB8. It should take no more than 10
minutes, and any feedback would be appreciated!

The survey does not require any identifying information, and the results
will be used for academic purposes only. Feel free to forward to colleagues
that are or have been involved with energy modeling of commercial buildings.

For more information about the study, please see below. Let me know if you
have any questions.


Gwen Fuertes

Graduate Student Researcher, Center for the Built Environment
M.S. Architecture - Building Science 2012, M. Arch Candidate 2014, U.C.
Intern, LEED Research, U.S. Green Building Council
gfuertes at berkeley.edu

 This research project is a joint project with the Center for the Built
Environment at U.C. Berkeley and with the cooperation of the U.S. Green
Building Council. One of the goals of this project is to understand how
project teams and energy modelers are simulating the use of plug loads in
LEED energy models. To date, little research has been done to evaluate the
methods and trends of the energy modeling industry in terms of this
particular end use. Since plug loads are becoming one of the most
significant end uses in commercial buildings, understanding the simulated
and actual energy of plug/receptacle loads will help inform owners and
modelers alike on the contribution this has to the total energy use of a
new construction or major renovation project.

Typically, equipment falling into the plug/receptacle load category is out
of the scope of control of a typical whole-building design team, and there
is little information available to the team in the design stage regarding
what specific equipment will be installed. Design teams are frequently left
to estimate the annual receptacle load energy use and peak demand, using
rules of thumb or other standardized/generalized practice. Further research
is needed to determine the accuracy of these rules of thumb as compared to
actual energy use or a more itemized energy projection, and this study may
be a first step towards identifying and describing that potential

This survey aims to understand how energy modelers estimate this end use.
Additional details regarding the project can be accessed
and further questions can be directed to gfuertes at berkeley.edu.

Again, the link to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G3GQZB8

Thank you for your time!
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