[Equest-users] should i simulate the heating system when no heating system in proposed building

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My interpretation of this is:
If you model a building with electric baseboard heating in a climate that
has no real heating load, and you use a baseline and model with baseboard
heating that your thermostat should not turn the heating on so long as your
building is thermally well designed- so the simplest route would be to use
the system specified for compliance in your model as a method to show
heating is not needed. You could set your setpoint to the minimum for
thermal comfort for your region. Then document why you did not use heating
in the actual building possibly might use the tool called 'climate
consultant' to show how your climate supports this design for

Others on this list may have know more, but I figure I would share-- best
of luck

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On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 9:02 PM, 一叶扁舟 <546751190 at qq.com> wrote:

> Dear all
> I have one question: when proposed building has no heating system, such as
> in HongKong, the weather is hot, it’s not necessary to design heating
> system in winter.
> While Appendix G table G3.1 No.10 says: “c. Where no heating system exists
> or no heating system has been specified, the heating system classification
> shall be assumed to be electric, and the system characteristics shall be
> identical to the system modeled in the baseline building design.”
> Should it be explained as such: if the building is to design heating
> system later, the heating system should be electric, but not in allusion to
> HongKong’s instance. Therefore when there’s no necessary to design heating
> system in proposed building, the two models (proposed and baseline ) can be
> modeled without heating system, am I right?
> Thanks a lot.
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