[Equest-users] Building area method ASHRAE 90.1

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as long as a lighting system has been designed:

according to ashrae/appendix g the uniform/whole building method applies 
a uniform lpd to the BASELINE building only while the PROPOSED uses what 
is designed - so long as the design is based on the whole building area 
method.  the lpd of the PROPOSED design should not be applied uniformly 
to the PROPOSED building simulation.

see appendix g, table g3.1, section 6 lighting, subsection b, page 173 
(2004), page 179 (2007).  user's manual pages g-17/18 (2004 & 2007)

i would suggest to quote table g3.1 when replying to the reviewer's 
comment.  i have had reviewer's tell me i have to use the space-by-space 
method in a simulation for both proposed and baseline buildings.  this 
is not correct.  what is correct is that the simulation reflect the 
methodology used by the lighting designer.  if the lighting design is 
based on the whole building method then the whole building method 
maximum lpd is used in the BASELINE building.  if the design is based on 
the space-by-space method then the space-by-space maximum lpd for each 
space type is used in the BASELINE building.  in either case the 
PROPOSED building should reflect what is designed.  by 'what is 
designed' i mean look at the lighting plans, lighting schedules, and 
enter the lpd for each space/zone (thermal block) based on the number of 
fixtures, watts per fixture, and square feet of space.

On 5/22/12 2:15 PM, Sami, Vikram wrote:
> The building area method applies a uniform LPD to the entire building. 
> If you do that in your baseline, you need to apply a uniform LPD to 
> you proposed building too.
> In general, I don't recommend using the building are method -- the 
> space by space method is a better approach.
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> How does the building area method work?
> I just got a comment from the review team for a project pursuing LEED 
> certification.
> I used the building area method for the baseline case and in the 
> proposed case I put the LPD from the lighting design. However they 
> told me that the same method has to be used in both cases.
> Any help would be appreciate.
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