[Equest-users] Building area method ASHRAE 90.1

Patrick J. O'Leary, Jr. poleary1969 at gmail.com
Wed May 23 12:44:34 PDT 2012

i am also reminded that there is a cir from 2007 that addresses how to 
simulate the exterior lighting loads.  tradeable surfaces are to be the 
same as designed in the proposed model and the maximum allowable in the 
baseline model.  nontradeable surfaces though, per the usgbc cir, are 
energy neutral & will have the same lpd in both the proposed and 
baseline models.  if i recall correctly without looking it up it should 
be the nontradeable uses maximum 90.1 allowable in both 
proposed/baseline models.  need to check though.

On 5/22/12 1:37 PM, Oscar B. wrote:
> How does the building area method work?
> I just got a comment from the review team for a project pursuing LEED 
> certification.
> I used the building area method for the baseline case and in the 
> proposed case I put the LPD from the lighting design. However they 
> told me that the same method has to be used in both cases.
> Any help would be appreciate.
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