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Hi Jamie,

SS-R reports indicate most of your systems are running full-throttle whenever they operate, which suggests a capacity disconnect (airflow/heating/cooling) with the loads in play.

Default out your cooling and heating capacities, allowing eQuest to auto-size your systems*.  Doing so, I observe unmet hours reigning in to within reason (3% net), and the SV-A reports will serve as a reference for how large eQuest thinks your systems should be.  From here you have a frame of reference (the SV-A reports) to evaluate system-by-system and zone-by-zone and correct/adjust your model inputs to agree with what your load calcs have determined for system sizing.


*Note for the developers:  Interesting quirk - one cannot default out total cooling capacity without first defaulting out sensible... is that... sensible?  (badum-tsss!)

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Im still having problems with this model.  I think most of the problems are that I ran my loads in Trane Trace and am running the model in eQuest.  Another problem I think I'm having is that the design case system is a single zone packaged rooftop unit with natural gas reheat at the RTU level.  I've got the zones modeled and grouped according to orientation and occupancy to try to alleviate some of the problems but I still have around 1400 unmet hours.

Here is a list of some things I have done to fix unmet hours so far:

1.       Deleted % of OA at PSZ since the supply air that I input at the RTU level was not what eQuest was using

2.       Moved the total PSZ OA to the zone level, I put all the outside air in to the control zone.

3.       Set the heat and cooling schedules on all zones that weren't a room with a thermostat to undefined - so those rooms didn't add to unmet hours.

4.       Set Throttling range to 6

5.       Set thermostat type to reverse action on all zones.

6.       Checked schedules to make sure they are coordinated with other schedules.

7.       I stepped down the temperature when the unit first starts up in the morning to step down the space temp 2 degrees an hour to help reduce unmet hours at morning startup.
I've attached the baseline and design case files.  I also attached some of the simulation reports.

I'm having trouble modeling the gas domestic tankless water heater and a 9 kw electric tankless water heater.  My gas usage seems real high.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Jamie Armstrong P.E.
Mechanical Engineer

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