[Equest-users] Packaged VAV and manual supply fan sizing

Turner, Erik eturner at DLRGROUP.com
Thu May 31 17:30:12 PDT 2012

eQuest experts,

I'm working on modeling a building where we'll be using a packaged VAV
system for heating only (no cooling provided). I'm using the packaged
VAV system in eQuest and have sized the cooling side at 0.1 tons to
eliminate that side of the system. For the moment I'm waving my hands at
the fact that our actual system will have a central HHW coil and eQuest
is doing that at the zone level. I've managed to get rid of the cooling
per my strategy, but the auto-fan sizing for supply fan is way off,
which I've addressed by specifying a realistic value. When I do that,
however, my cooling loads and cooling energy use (per report SS-P) go
back to non-zero values.

Any thoughts on why, when I go back to resize the fan manually, I'm
triggering more cooling load? I've ticked off crankcase heating even
though the magnitudes of cooling seem to be over plant imposed fan
heating etc...






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