[Equest-users] VRF with heat recovery

Evangelia Gklezakou gklezakou.eva at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 05:35:06 PST 2012

Dear users,
I am modelling a VRF system  (gas heat pump, heat recovery etc), I have
already read the suggested presentation from Energy Trust of Oregon
regarding VRF system modelling. At the end of the presentation is described
a procedure in order to calculate the heat recovery (Create an hourly
report for each zone with two series Elec input to heat (kW) and Elec input
to cool (kW), when there is both heating and cooling for a particular hour
the smaller value of the two is the energy recovered by the Refrigerant
Branch Selector Box). Is this the only way to calculate the recovered
energy, does not the software take it into account during the simulations?
Must this amount be subtracted from the total energy consumption?
Thank you for your help.

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