[Equest-users] Adding/modifying zones in detailed mode

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I prefer to avoid modifying space definitions once I get in DD edit mode. Maybe you can change interior walls to air walls, or modify interior loads, zone airflows etc. to approximate the design changes.

If you still feel it necessary to make changes, this is what I would do:

-          Save-as the model to create a backup copy

-          Save-as again to create a third copy of the model

-          Go to wizard mode and make the zone definition changes/additions

-          Switch to DD Edit mode and save the model

-          You now have three models -the original model with all your DD edit changes, a backup of that model, and a new model with the correct zones but minus all the other work you did

o   Working with a text editor and the input files of the original model and the new model, copy the new/modified spaces and zones from the new model to the original model.

o   Any new definitions that were created with the new spaces/zones will also have to be copied. This includes polygons, surfaces, zonal systems etc.

o   You might consider copying the entire sections in the input file for polygons and spaces to make it easier, but this will cause you to lose any DD edits you made to the spaces

o   Likewise, you can copy the entire zones section of the input file, but you will lose your systems and zonal property changes that you made in DD edit mode.

-          Once you finish copying from the new input file to the original one, save the original input file.

-          Open the original model and don't be too disappointed when you get errors.

-          If you can't correct all the errors, make a backup of your backup and start again with the input file exercise.


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I've done a significant amount of work in the Detailed Data Edit mode and there was recently a design change with some space modifications.  How can I modify and add zones in detailed mode?


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