[Equest-users] Electricity consumption (HVAC part) in Winter

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
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Henry (?):

Isn't Hong Kong a very moist climate (similar to Malaysia)?

If you would not mind sharing your .INP and .PD2 files with us, perhaps someone on the Bldg-Sim forum can offer you advise. Otherwise, we are flying blind (especially HVAC system type and hours of operation).

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Hello all,

I am simulating a model in Hong Kong and the winter period is from November to March. I found that the electricity use (HVAC part) for winter in my simulation is lower than the actual electricity use(HVAC part) by 15-20% even I have used the air conditioning system with same data in summer (e.g. the temperature difference for condenser water loop and chilled water loop is still 10K). So,  I am confused that how it happens and how can I make the electricity use (HVAC part) larger so that the simulation is more similar to the actual one.

P.S. HVAC part is the energy consumption of "Space cooling" + "Heat rejection" + "Pump & Aux." + "Ventilation fans"

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