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Several years ago I created a spreadsheet to generate the curve coefficients for chillers when I was working with VisualDOE.  I recently updated it to accommodate variable speed chillers based on the DT between chilled water supply temp and entering condenser water temp.  The spreadsheet requires several full load data points and part load data points.

I honestly don't know if it would be suitable for VRF systems, however, if you'd like, I can email the spreadsheet for you to try.  It isn't pretty, but I've always believed in function over form.

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Hi Guys,
I am modelling several VRF systems and I have obtained the capacity data from the manufacturer. I have created capacity curves using the data (input in equest as raw data), but as soon as I assign the curves to my systems, all my results get screwed up. I get nan for space heating for some zones, and all my results are wrong. I tried with different curves posted by other people on the forum (from same manufacturer as mine) with no luck! I went through the equest help file and followed an example mentioning the steps to create performance curves from raw data but still I have problems. Has any one been able to successfully create capacity and performance curves?, and if so, I would appreciate if some one can let me know how they created the curves. Any help is much appreciated.



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