[Equest-users] Infra -red heating garage

Hector Lamprea hector.lamprea at fundyeng.com
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Thanks Stormy,

I guess this a good estimate,  however I would like to show saving over a furnace system ( Most of the Infra-red pipes manufacturers  claim between 30 to 50 % energy saving over a conventional furnace system )

Hector Lampra, P. Eng, LEED AP, CEM

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Hi, Hector - I recently did this for a LEED submission and had to do an exceptional calculation. There isn't a method of modeling infrared heating directly in eQUEST. I modeled it as electrical baseboard heat and assigned a sub-meter to report the kWh used by the baseboard system in the space. Once I figured out the energy usage in kWh used by the baseboard, I converted it to natural gas therms and then divided by the average efficiency of the infrared system. I submitted a narrative explaining this, and the LEED reviewer accepted the calculation method. I'm sure there are more accurate (and more time-consuming) methods for modeling it, though.

Stormy Shanks, PE
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Hi Guys,

Any idea how to simulate a infra-red tube heating system for a garage.


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