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Rohini & others:

I have on occasion referenced more recent errata, addenda, and versions of standards to justify practices without incident under LEED and COE reviews for energy modeling.  I think so long as you are keeping a level playing field between your proposed/baseline and not somehow regressing the model's degree of representation, you ought to be fine.

That said, let me take this into a related tangent:  who reviews EPAcT models?  Has anybody run into this yet?  I find it hard to suggest anything is "safe" considering....

To my understanding, documentation for EPAcT deductions of any sort remain in everyone's filing cabinets until an audit should occur.  Such model(s) would therefore only be called into question if the individual/company claiming the tax deductions were audited.  In such a case, would the IRS engage an independent, 3rd party staff (i.e. LEED's reviewership) for reviews, or hire/train their own internal branch?  Would that review process incorporate a comment/response opportunity to make amends if the reviewer finds something they disagree with, or would the deduction be simply rejected?  What implications would that have for those signing off on the EPAcT documentation?

Such questions and grey areas have kept me from pursuing EPAcT modeling with any particular gusto...  Has anyone run through a review process, or otherwise know what procedures are or will be in place for such audit scenarios?

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Did not hear anything from the Bldg-sim list, so hopefully someone from the equest list can shed some light.
Does anyone know if we have to redistribute the windows in a horizontal band for Epact modelling, or can addendum a on 90.1 2004 can be used to ignore this requirement? I really don't want to spend time changing windows in detailed mode if that can be avoided. The models are already existing, so cannot use the wizard. This is for just HVAC modelling (no envelope/lighting changes).


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