[Equest-users] LEED Core & Shell questions

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Anthony, Patrick, Bill and the list,

I too have a keen interest in answering the question below (which might only be answered by USGBC):

Per the C&S Appendix 2 guidance (reference noted in Bill's original question below),

*         "The core and shell building is defined as the parts of the building that are not tenant space. Any constraints or guidance issued to the tenant, such as a maximum level of lighting density or restrictions on occupancy type, must be outlined in the tenant lease or sales agreement (see Appendix 4)."

*         "Model the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system as described in the design documents. If the HVAC system is not yet designed, use the same HVAC system as the baseline model, per ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, Table G3.1.1A."

*         "If the team is pursuing any additional energy-saving opportunities not associated with the core and shell areas, outline the opportunities or requirements in the tenant lease or sales agreement (see Appendix 4)."

And Appendix 4 (http://www.usgbc.org/resources/appendix-4-tenant-lease-or-sales-agreement ),

*         "Compliance through a binding tenant lease or sales agreement can be pursued as an alternative to or in conjunction with the standard approach to LEED for Core & Shell credit documentation. Clearly identify which components of the credit will be implemented as part of the developer's scope of work, and which portions will be part of the tenants' scope of work and enforced through binding tenant lease or sales agreements."

Per guidance above, for spaces not yet designed ASHRAE Baseline is to be presumed, unless specific measures are designed in that enhance the baseline approach. If those measures are in the C&S design intended for tenant use, then they must be included in any binding lease agreement material (such as sales information or design guideline/specification).

What is not clear is if the building approach for tenant fit-out defines a tenant design approach which is different from the baseline. Does anyone have experience with being required to show that the defined approach also performs?


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i don't recall the page in the leed 3 manual right off hand but 1)  tenant spaces can be modeled as proposed type (hvac/water/lighting) if there is a legally binding signed/or master lease agreement specifying the proposed requirements that all tenants must adhere to and said lease agreement is uploaded as part of the project documentation.  i.e. lower lighting lpd, increased hvac unit efficiencies/power, and water saving fixtures.

and 2)  there is an equest limit on the number of submeters a project can have, and a core/shell project requires submeters for each tenant to be separated out between process, lighting, and hvac, so the number of meters can add up quickly if you're dealing with a sizeable core/shell with many tenant spaces.

On 8/1/13 1:36 PM, Anthony Hardman wrote:
See below

Anthony Hardman, PE, LEED AP BD&C
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Subject: [Equest-users] LEED Core & Shell questions

1. Should Tenant Spaces in LEED Core & Shell projects be modeled with Appendix G systems for the Baseline, and for the Proposed as well if there is no HVAC design?
-OR- Should Tenant Spaces be modeled as "unconditioned" in both the Baseline and Proposed? (-OR- some other option?)

Finished tenant spaces should be modeled as designed with terminal units placed on the tenant meter.  If unfinished, it should follow Appendix G.

2. What is the intent/purpose of the requirement to model separate electric meters for lighting, plug loads and process loads in the Tenant Spaces? Should the cost from these meters be removed from the building energy cost for EAc1 savings?

Download the spreadsheet<http://www.usgbc.org/resources/cs-v20-eac1-spreadsheet>, it should answer your questions.

3. IF HVAC systems are modeled in the Tenant Spaces, should this energy be assigned to separate meters as well?

LEED Core & Shell Appendix 2<http://www.usgbc.org/resources/appendix-2-core-and-shell-energy-modeling-guidelines> describes how the HVAC systems should be modeled for the Core and Shell Building, but not for the Tenant Spaces. Appendix 2 also describes the requirement for modeling separate meters.

Thank you,

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