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What is being referred to by the System "AIR/TEMP-CONTROL" keyword in the DOE2 help menu, below? Is this the SYSTEM: COOL-CONTROL and SYSTEM:HEAT-CONTROL?
First correct answer wins a limerick on the topic of your choice.


Takes a code-word that specifies the compressor speed control mechanism; this keyword is intended for use in modeling a packaged direct expansion heat pump or air-conditioning that incorporated variable speed compressor control:  It is suggested that the SYSTEM:AIR/TEMP-CONTROL keyword be used for systems which incorporate multiple steps or stages of capacity rather than this keyword/codeword combination.
SINGLE-SPEED            specifies that the compressor operates at a constant speed, and modulates its capacity by cycling on/off. This is the default for most system types.
DUAL-SPEED               specifies that the compressor has two stages of capacity. This is appropriate for the residential system (for RESYS, RESYS2 only).  It is suggested that the SYSTEM:AIR/TEMP-CONTROL be used for staged capacity systems rather than this keyword/codeword combination.
VARIABLE-SPEED         specifies that the compressor can vary its speed to exactly match the capacity required. This is applicable to RESVVT, PSZ, PVAVS and PVVT systems.

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